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Is there a specific way of drawing a conditional chain for in out games?

pfjddreampfjddream Free Trial Member
edited January 2015 in General 24 karma
I find that when I am doing in out games with conditional statement rules, my diagram is logically correct nut looks different than the explanation videos and it is harder for me to get to the answer using my way. When I watch the vidoes, it is much clear to follow the path to the right answer using the instructor's videos. I can't seem to figure out how to follow his method of drawing the diagram on future similar games

For example, I did PT 36 Game 1 today and my diagram looked like this

O -> P -> not K -> T
-> W -> F or T


  • Allison MAllison M Alum Member Inactive Sage
    810 karma
    That's what mine looks like too. What gave you trouble about your diagram?
  • ninamatryoshkaninamatryoshka Alum Member
    438 karma

    Once the chain gets this long (or even if it's short but there's not many spaces on the board) I usually just turn the conditional chain into board for what would happen if O is in (put O P T W and F/T in the in group and K in the out group), and then make any inferences (like if the in group is full now, that means the rest of the letters have to go in the out group). And then I'll do a board where O is out (which might trigger nothing), but that at least means that the other variables that were forced to go out when O was in can now be in if they want to, so any situation where K is in for example, I know that we're operating on the board where O is out)

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