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PT score going down??

cooperklcooperkl Member
in General 4 karma

I've been studying for about 4 months, and I was so excited to start this program (1 week ago!) and my score dropped by 7 points... is this normal? Please help I'm freaking out.


  • EagerestBeaverEagerestBeaver Alum Member
    703 karma

    I have been studying for 7 months. Had a huge paradigm shifting improvement over 4 preptests. Since then, I have had a drop from my all time high and stabilized beneath it. A one time drop shouldn't freak you out. It may have been a horrible day or unforeseen circumstances. If you have a super wide variance between lots of tests, that may be indicative that your approach may not be mechanic and would leave you prone to these wide swings.

  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
    3256 karma

    If you only started the CC one week ago, you shouldn't be taking prep tests. Wait until you've finished the whole course to take another one. If you aren't already performing at a high level, a range of scores is pretty typical. Maybe one of the other tests you took played more to your strengths. Once you've solidified the fundamentals and practiced a lot more, you'll gain consistency.

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