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Hey guys! While I don’t have another experience to compare it to since this was my first time, our digital process went incredibly smoothly. I actually liked that I could set the tablet up and read without being hunched over. Also, not having to fill in tiny bubbles and worrying that you bubbled the wrong one and got off track for the next 10 questions is a huge relief. I think this method saves some time for me that way, except.. I had a couple questions I flagged to go back to and got short on time so flipping through the screens to select an answer was a bit slower than rapidly filling in the blank ones on a Scantron. I intend to write again in October so either way it’s not the end of the world, I’m just glad I got to experience the digital version for this test. For the ones that got stuck waiting around for the digital, just know that it is capable of being run smoothly. It didn’t appear anyone had trouble with their tablet from what I could tell.

My memory doesn’t seem to be as good as everyone else’s as far as which section contained which questions BUT:

I did HAVE:

Sickleback fish
Zebra camouflage
Bleached Coral

I did NOT have:

Haunted Houses
English Trade
Chinese Tea

Furthermore, the RC did seem tough to me in comparison to the recent 80s PTs I’ve taken. I always seem to trudge through if the topic isn’t at all interesting to me and the first passage was awful! So I definitely felt a bit slow. I’m not where I would like to be on LGs yet but they didn’t seem to be overwhelmingly difficult.

Good luck to everyone planning to write again... for me, back to powering through some more LGs.

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    Another note since I did see that another digital site didn’t have styluses, we had very official LSAC pens with a rubber stylus on the opposite end that we were permitted to keep afterwards. The larger rubber stylus made it very arduous to highlight one line at a time. I kept accidentally highlighting past where I intended to. If the format allowed mark-up feature I think it would’ve been a lot easier to circle a transition word and go on.

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