LOR and non-native English authors of the same navigating LSAC.org

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I have worked abroad for the last decade and my undergraduate and master's degrees were attained far in past. I think Moses wasn't shaving yet when I got my MA. I am not deterred by the notion of having my LOR translated, but I do worry about the authors' facility with LSAC's English-only website.

If anyone knows about the step-by-step process for uploading LOR, I would like to translate it. I have asked LSAC for the same with screen shots, but am preemptively asking here in case they come up gor nisht.

Of course, in the event that LSAC comes through, then all of your birthdays will have come at once and I'll be the one doling out the multilingual screen shots.

Thanks in advance? You're welcome in advance? To be concluded...

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