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177 on first PT after Ultimate Course!! Can't say enough good things about the course!!

Carol Y.Carol Y. Member
in General 33 karma

I'm about 90% done the Ultimate course and decided to do a PT yesterday because I was getting tired of watching videos and doing practice sets, and I can't believe I got 177 as an actual score!! Didn't change any answers for the blind review so the score is the same. It was for Prep Test #36 which is the first one I've done since starting the course 2 months ago.

Before starting the course, I got 163 on the June 2007 test and then 164 on PT54 so I feel like it's a huge improvement! Granted I've done some studying in the past (2 months in 2017) so I wasn't taking the previous PTs blind.

Still in shock because I felt like there were so many hard questions that I wasn't sure about but this is such a huge confidence boost, so I wanted to share my happiness and encourage everyone to get the course if you haven't already. Happy studying!!


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