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Should I take a fourth LSAT? (September) LSAT score isn't increasing

The main issue that I can't resolve right now is if I should take the September LSAT, and if it would even matter. It'll be my fourth one, my priors score are: 153/160/161, but these scores are from 2 years ago. Back then, I was studying for the LSAT about 5 hours/week for a few months (don't remember exactly), and I took around 15 PTs (25 if you count retakes). I was also using the LSAT trainer, and Blueprint.

After taking some time to work full time and advance my career, I decided to take the LSAT again, and started studying in early May of this year. I quit my job, and studied full time for the LSAT with 7sage. So far I've completed every single lesson, and a large portion of the drills, as well as taken 8 practice tests in the last month/month and a half. And so far, my score hasn't increased at all. For whatever reason (not blaming 7sage at all, their lessons have been great and easy to understand) my score hasn't gotten past the 158-162 range. This is with blind review and every other suggestion I've come across thus far (I've also taken some of Sami's tutoring lessons). Unfortunately, taking a different or later LSAT isn't really an option, I need my score before October for law school purposes.

So this makes me arrive at my final question, especially considering that the LSAT refund deadline is tomorrow - should I not take the September LSAT, and instead just use my score from two years ago?

The September LSAT
  1. Should I take the September LSAT?40 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • Omid Sean HVOmid Sean HV Alum Member
    25 karma

    So I am going to say no unless your PT scores have been higher, on average, than a 161. If you are, on average, scoring over 161, then why not take a fourth time.

  • Pride Only HurtsPride Only Hurts Alum Member
    2186 karma

    If I were in your boat I probably wouldn't retake it until my PT average was at least a 164.

  • lexxx745lexxx745 Alum Member Sage
    3190 karma

    Delay and keep studying till next year. I agree, 164 average is a good bet.

  • lsatslayer-1lsatslayer-1 Member
    edited October 2019 113 karma

    I say, think about the schools you're applying and see if you fall within the outlier scores or 25%. 25% is good enough, if you have great soft skills. I know people at Harvard with a 163. I see a huge in your scores and you can use this to show about progress.

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