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Hi everyone,
I took the July LSAT and got a 157. Although I started studying 6 months before that, I didn't start doing full tests until about 2 months before and so I didn't see much improvement at all. I expected something around this score because I was getting between 155-165 on PT.
My dilemma is whether or not I should cancel my score. I am going away for 4 months from Sep-Dec and would only be able to take the LSAT again in January. If I cancel, I'm concerned that it would look bad as the January test is the latest for the 2020 cycle. I'm applying to most of the Ontario schools as well as Dalhousie and UBC. If I keep my score, I feel like I might stand a chance with a 157, though I will retake for sure. When I retake, I expect that my score will be between 160-165.
Any advice would be appreciated!

Cancel score?
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    As someone that got a 156 in 2018, and in the 160-165 range on June 2019, I feel my perspective could be of use. I don't think it really matters. If you decide to keep it, and you rewrite to get a higher score, most schools only take your highest score regardless. I think Calgary (and maybe UofA?) are the only Canadian schools that average scores - UBC, Toronto, Queens, Western, and Dal, only look at your highest. On the other hand, if you're trying to get into medium (think Queens/Western) to top tier (UofT/UBC) school, you should be in the 160+ range, so you're gonna have to retake anyways. Therefore, no harm in cancelling.

    All that to say, I wouldn't spend a lot of mental energy debating the merits of cancelling or not. You'd probably be better off spending that time studying or enjoying the last days summer :)

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    @chloe222 thank you for the advice! I really appreciate it :)

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