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Need some advice

jakejohns777jakejohns777 Member
in General 52 karma

I have been pting around a 155/156 for the last few weeks. My goal is a 157+ and I am taking it in October and November.

My breakdown from yesterday:

LR: 14/25
LR: 19/26
LG: 21/23
RC: 14/26

So at this point I am trying to close the gap on my LR sections and bring up RC. I typically struggle with SA questions and flaw. If I could get that RC score up and close the gap in LR I would be golden. Any tips on how to get those scores up and stay consistent? I have gone through the CC and I typically drill weak spots, do timed sections, and about one 5 section PT a week. I would love to be PTing at a 160 so I can have some wiggle room come test day.

Thanks so much!


  • Pride Only HurtsPride Only Hurts Alum Member
    2186 karma

    I would recommend checking out the webinars for Flaw and SA questions. Drill afterward and it should solve your struggles with those questions. Once you get good at them, SA questions are almost like freebies.

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