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Is the November LSAT considered late for scholarships?

I'm taking the September test but I don't feel 100% ready. I took summer classes to graduate early, so I didn't study as much as I would have liked for the LSAT during the summer. If I retake it would be the November test. I was wondering if November is considered late, especially if I'm aiming to get scholarships? I currently have a 3.85 GPA, and a strong letter of recommendation from one of my professors who is an attorney. I also have two other good LORs from business professors and my personal statement and diversity statement should be good as well. I'm not necessarily aiming for t-14s I will apply to a few, but I'm more so focusing on getting to a good school with a decent scholarship.


  • vinisimhadrivinisimhadri Free Trial Member
    12 karma

    You are exactly in the sames situation as me. I hope a response to this comes soon!

  • H96 J.DH96 J.D Alum Member
    142 karma

    No not at all. Usually if a school accepts application till July 2020 for fall 2020 cycle, their last month for scholarships would be February/March 2020

  • jcraigcanjcraigcan Alum Member
    44 karma

    The very mild drawback for scholarship purposes (if any at all), is far less important than writing the test when you are ready. Happy studying!

  • Don't think so. I agree with the other 7sagers above that it is way more important to get an ideal score for you(and me) now than to worry about this! The truth is, from what I heard, a really high LSAT always directs you to $$$! Good luck!!

  • hopefulfuturelawyerhopefulfuturelawyer Alum Member
    29 karma

    Awesome, thank you so much for your responses you are all right! The higher the score the more likely scholarships will come. Good luck to you all!

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