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When requesting accommodations for the LSAT, is it common for LSAC to take the full 14 days?

JaeyKurkJaeyKurk Free Trial Member
in General 8 karma

Hello all,

Applied for LSAT accommodations around the end of July and still have not heard back from the LSAC. It will be 14 business days this Thursday, so they are still within their window, I was just curious, from those who have gone through this process before, is it common for them to take the full 14 business days to reply?


  • MPeabodyMPeabody Alum Member
    82 karma

    Mine took 12 business days. I didn't apply near a deadline and had a history of prior accommodations (so I didn't need to send them the hundreds of pages of documentation.) They don't try to make it any easier/less stressful than they are legally obligated, unfortunately.

  • JaeyKurkJaeyKurk Free Trial Member
    8 karma

    That's what I figured. Like, they got in trouble with the whole consent decree thing, and you think they would try to act in good faith after that. But it seems like they're on a vendetta. I get the sense they just sit and wait out their time regardless of their decision in order to run down the clock. It feels very discriminatory.

  • MPeabodyMPeabody Alum Member
    82 karma

    Definitely. I had been turned down in the past (with over 200 pages of documentation that solidly covered all the criteria) and gave up for a few years. I then submitted basically the same documentation to the friendly folks at ETS (the GRE) and it went through without a problem. Had they not been legally obligated due to the policy on prior accommodations, I am sure LSAC would have rejected it again.

    On that note--if things don't go as hoped for you this week, consider going through ETS. But fingers crossed you'll get what you need and have smooth sailing from here.

  • JaeyKurkJaeyKurk Free Trial Member
    8 karma

    Yeah, I considered just taking the GRE in general. Since it would give me more grad school options. If that would make the LSAC review simpler, that'd be a happy coincidence.

    When did you apply for accommodations the first time around? Was it before of after the ADA violations were exposed?

  • theLSATdreamertheLSATdreamer Alum Member
    1287 karma

    TRUST ME they take 14 days and a few minutes

  • JaeyKurkJaeyKurk Free Trial Member
    8 karma

    Oh, I believe it. Hopefully it means they will abide by the ADA on this one (though I feel like they let their rejections linger for a long time too in order to run out the clock on appeals).

    If they keep playing this game, they're just going to get in to trouble again.

  • MPeabodyMPeabody Alum Member
    82 karma

    Even if you are exclusively thinking of law school, taking the GRE might not be a bad idea now that schools are starting to hop on the GRE bandwagon. Or if you can't get accommodated on either and you are less impacted by your disability on tests like the GRE, you could show that an unaccommodated LSAT doesn't represent your abilities.

    Technically it was after the settlement, but that may not be wholly representative of their new policies. (If you'd like to know more of the specifics, feel free to PM me.) A lot has already changed since that time. For example, even after the settlement they would get back to you in ~six weeks, but you did have two weeks to appeal instead of the current policy of four days (which is ridiculous.)

  • stepharizonastepharizona Alum Member
    3197 karma

    Hi All. Yes as everyone said they can take that long AND be careful to check your first confirmation letter. One of the people I tutor just moved from 50% to 100% due to their GRE accommodations AND their LSAC letter was missing previously granted accommodations that were requested this time and had been previously granted by the LSAC in Feb. (Longer break, drink and meds.)

    So just double check the first letter carefully.

  • johanna586johanna586 Alum Member
    202 karma

    I was unclear if it was 14 business days from submitting my request (I did via e-mail and got the automated response they sent to everyone), or from the e-mail I received 2 days later confirming the receipt of my accommodation request. So I either heard in within 15 or 13 business days. Hopefully you'll hear today.

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