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Comments on explanation videos are cut off

youbbyunyoubbyun Alum Member

For many of the longer user comments on JY’s video, they seem to be cut off. Usually, you can click something that ll expand that person’s comment, but for some reason that button isn’t there (I don’t see it), so I can’t read longer comments of people posting their own explanations. Anyone else have similar issue?


  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
    edited September 2019 14094 karma

    @username_hello Hey there, sorry about that. That's not supposed to happen. Can you link an example of what you're talking about? If we can reproduce it, we'll try to get it fixed.

    Edit: I found it. We're on it.

  • youbbyunyoubbyun Alum Member
    edited September 2019 1755 karma

    @J.Y.Ping thanks so much!

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