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LSAC Transcripts

Will the LSAC know what all institutions I attended before I even submit my transcripts? I bounced around a few community colleges in my late teens - early twenties before I finally got serious in my early 30's and graduated from a state university. My GPA is high (3.9), but I know it won't be after they factor in all the others classes I failed out of from 10+ years ago. Seems so unfair...


  • ChiChi55ChiChi55 Alum Member
    177 karma

    I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking but you need to report/request transcripts form every college or university you’ve ever attended and then LSAC will create one gpa based on all those schools. For instance, I too attended community college but just for one year and still needed to report those grades which were then factored in with my university gpa.

  • JerseyLife49JerseyLife49 Alum Member
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    what about a vocational school? the LSAC website says that transcripts include that from classes you took in high school that were for college credit, so that is what I classified vocational school as. I tried requesting these transcripts and have not heard anything back...not sure how to proceed. #help

  • zacharytsmith26-1zacharytsmith26-1 Alum Member
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    Write a GPA addendum drawing their attention to the difference between now and 10 years ago.

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