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Best way to review/blind review RC

Hey fellow 7Sagers,

I was wondering if you guys had strategies you could share about how to best review/blind review an RC section?



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    I believe RC is very personal. Meaning most people vary on how they approach this section.

    But for me, I first BR using only the brief notes that I write down while reading a passage. Then I reread the passage and double check the answers to the questions. This shows me if there are any discrepancies in my note taking system and if I need to make any improvements to my overall strategy. This is also the point where I trace back my answer choices to concrete proof in the passage.

    Also, with any section it is really important to review the answers you believe are wrong and state why they are wrong. In other words, try not to just glance at your selected answer and say “oh yeah that’s right” and move on. Sit with each problem for a while and articulate why the right answer is right and the wrong ones are wrong.

    Then grade your answers to see how well you did. If there are any wrong, return the passage to re-evaluate. Also ask yourself if you misunderstood the question stem.

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