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How to Review/Blind Review Reading Comprehension

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Hello All!

Quick question for those who know:

How in the world do you Blind Review reading comprehension??

1. I do the memory method, however at this point, i am taking practice tests, and i have no clue on how to Blind Review, or Review in general, the reading comprehension section

2. If anyone can, PLEASE give me some detailed insight.
-After taking your PT and Blind Reviewing the LR section (and of course, doing the fool-proof method on Logic Games that you did not breeze right through), how do you Review/Blind Review the RC passages? How do you better yourself? How can you increase the amount of control you have over the passage?
-After taking your PT and Reviewing/Blind Reviewing all other sections, (and of course, putting the memory method ASIDE, since its physically impossible to do the memory method after you've already taken the PT), how can you increase the level of comprehension you have within the passage? I.E. - some passages i am able to completely master after reading them untimed, and for others i will literally sit there for a good 20-30 minutes still saying "DFJDHVDKJFDNFFDFFD??????"

THANKS ALL!! and for everyone else taking the 10/3 LSAT, GOOD LUCK!


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    To me the goal of BR during RC is not to develop a depth of knowledge of each passage in order to regurgitate it in conversation. The goal is to understand why all four wrong answers are wrong, and the right answer is correct. It's about finding the actual support in the stimulus to get to the right answers. Even inference/agreement questions will still have some support and it's up to you to figure that out. I only BR the questions I circled during timed and if I don't need to read the passage over again I don't even bother. To me, the BR process for RC is often like recognizing inferences during LG, or even picking out similar patterns and interesting takeaways from LR questions that apply elsewhere. No two writers of RC passages are going to write exactly the same way, so there isn't a consistency in that respect, but there is in the types of questions they ask and it's all about developing skills to address those. If I were you I would pick up a copy of the Trainer to help out with this kind of level of analysis for RC. But as far as BR goes, don't go crazy, just find the right answer, and understand the support and why/how you missed it the first time.
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