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How important is a law school's rank if one plans to go into solo practice right out of law school?

Future non trad law studentFuture non trad law student Free Trial Member
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I will be a non traditional law student who is interested in going into solo practice right out of law school. I have a 15 year background in sales, so I am quite comfortable generating my own leads and developing a base of clients on my own (which often gets described as the biggest barrier to solo practice). I have no desire to do biglaw because if I am to work 70--80 hours/week, it will be for myself. I live in a large city with several law schools (none of them T1) and a thriving legal market. I am asking that people share their thoughts on the importance of a law school's ranking if one plans to go into solo practice right out of law school. For background, my LSAT score above each local school's top 75%.


  • noonawoonnoonawoon Alum Member
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    Is it possible to go to solo practice fresh out of law school? I can't imagine a client wanting to take on a lawyer who is fresh out of law school and hasn't worked in that type of setting before.

  • cooljon525-1-1cooljon525-1-1 Alum Member
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    It is possible to go solo right out of law school but no one would recommend it. You need to go and get experience for a few years first. Plus your law school rank might still matter because you might be able to learn more at a better school which will give you a higher chance of succeeding in your pursuits.

  • This_is_HardThis_is_Hard Alum Member
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    Daredevil Season 1 Episode 1. Good luck!

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    @"Richard N" N, Matt and Foggy did not do so bad!

  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Member
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    @"Future non trad law student"
    This is well after your post, but I had a room mate in grad school who did a law degree at a school ranked around #100 or lower at that time. They have since come up, they are in the 90's, but they are hardly Harvard Law. He opened his own practice right away with a friend in real estate law and did well enough they were bought by a larger firm in a year or two. He is happy with that result and practicing with another firm now I think.

  • atumielatumiel Core Member
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    Personally, I do not know anyone who asks what law school a lawyer went to while searching for representation. It all stems from your reputation. If you represent a few people and do well that word of mouth goes a long way. Now I live in a medium sized town. If you were trying to represent the wealthiest of people in a massive city things will be different. People try to make it sound like going solo is impossible. Every attorney that I know including the ones who are mentoring me basically went solo after very little experience.

    In conclusion, people don't care about what school you went to but rather if you can help them or not. If you have the skills and confidence to build a client base go for it. My plan is to get about 1-2 years experience and go solo myself.

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