would 7 sage video-explanations for PT89(Nov.2019) avaialble at least 1 week prior to Feb.22nd LSAT?

Hi. I am not entirely sure but i probably will (Whether I will take Feb 22nd LSAT), but this decision will be greatly affected when 7 Sage will publish it's complete version of it's famous video lectures and explanations regarding PT 89. So when do you guys (admin of 7 sage) think that JY or 7 Sage will begin to offer 7 Sage explanations for PT 89 (Nov.2019) LSAT and do you think 7 Sage will finish every sections of explanations regarding PT 89 at least 1 week prior to Feb.22nd, preferably at least 2 weeks prior to Feb 22nd LSAT?


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    Hi Bill I believe that the admin said the videos will be available a month after the pt is posted. In the meantime I will be hosting a blind review session a week after the PT is posted here. It may not have JY's explanations but it will have mine and I've been tutoring the lsat for a year or so now. I will post the invite here once the PT is posted.

  • Hi @bill.chanhee.lee!

    The new PrepTest is added to the Ultimate+ course within 1 week of its release. We also start selling it as an add-on within 1 week, and all video explanations are done within 30-60 days from then. Based on that and barring anything unexpected happening, it is possible that the LSAT explanations would not be up on 7Sage until Feb. 17th if it takes the full 60 days, although it could be sooner. Letting you know so you can plan accordingly!

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