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The conclusion of the stimulus is that the decline in energy consumption is due to

(1) reduced standards of living and
(2) changes in the way people spend their time

So we are looking for 4 answers that fall into one of these two buckets (or both).

(A) is the purchase of portable heaters and limiting the number of rooms. Falls into category (1).
(B) is people spending more time in libraries and community centers. Falls into category (2) because they're changing the way they spend their time.
(C) is people decreasing energy costs by having inexpensive work done to improve efficiency of existing heating system. This doesn't fall into category (1) because the standards of living are the same, and doesn't fall into category (2) because they aren't changing the way they spend their time.
(D) is a decreased indoor temperature on very cold days. This falls into category (1).
(E) is people showering for shorter amounts of time. This potentially requires the assumption that shorter showers means category (1) reduced standard of living, but compared to answer choice (C) this is much more clearly falls into that bucket.

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