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Searching for a tutor who can help me come up with a rigorous 4 month study schedule for July LSAT

keepgoing.keepgoing. Member
edited February 2020 in General 365 karma

I am looking for a tutor - not so much to help me with specific concepts but rather to help me with planning/ designing a concrete study plan to conquer my problem areas and advance given the time I have to study. I have finished the CC and know which areas I need to work on. However, when I sit down to study, I often jump from one task to another. This makes me easily become overwhelmed, de-motivated and unsure of how to proceed.

I want to write the test in July. I have more availability since I quit full time work but unsure how to structure my days and what I should get through before the test date.

Does any one have recommendations for a tutor to help with this? or are you a tutor who can help with creating plan with me?
Also, struggling with finances so hoping for a cheaper session if possible but open to hearing rates.

Let me know!
Appreciate it all the help.


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