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Admission season at Northwestern

Leah M BLeah M B Alum Member
in General 8392 karma

Hi all,

Wanted to say a quick hello again from 1L at Northwestern. For those of you going through the admit/decision process right now (which is already a stressful time), I know that the covid19 situation isn't helping anything. I've seen that several ASWs have been canceled. I don't have any official word on NU's yet, but I would not be surprised if ours is too.

That said, for anyone who is considering NU but unable to make the trip for any reason, I want to try to be a resource. You are welcome to PM me and I promise to be as candid as possible about my impressions of the school and answer any questions that I can. If ASW is canceled, I would guess that Admissions will also do what they can to help students make an informed decision, but throwing my hat in the ring as a resource.

This semester is a little bonkers (as is all of law school lol), so I may not get back right away but I will do my best to help! I know how stressful this decision was for me, and can only imagine how much harder it may be without being able to visit.

Good luck to you all, whether you're in the midst of LSAT studying or making a school decision!


  • lacaselacase Free Trial Member
    4 karma

    Hi, Leah. I just sent you a DM. I am excited to apply ED soon. The admissions office does not have the bandwidth for informational calls now, so it'd be great to connect with a fellow non-traditional student. Thanks for reading!

  • meganday2121meganday2121 Member
    74 karma

    Hi Leah! Northwestern is one of my top choices, I'll PM you. I live in the Midwest and can easily visit the Chicago area, BUT, who knows if/when there will be an opportunity to visit campus. So I appreciate the offer.

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