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interesting data on time to answer a question and accuracy from my pt74

MarkmarkMarkmark Alum Member
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Hi all I was hoping I'd crush PT74 with the +50% accommodations box ticked as I was recently approved for accommodations. I found some very interesting points:

  1. I didn't perform astronaumically better with more time
  2. The MORE time I spent on a question in LR and RC (especially taking longer than 3:00), my chance to miss the problem were REALLY high at 73%
  3. In LG almost all the problems I missed took less than 1:00.

For RC and LR questions that took me over 3:00, I got 3/11 correct. That's 27% of getting a question right if I'm going past the 3:00 mark; I think this shows there's a fundamental problem going on for that question that I'm just not gonna figure out, so guess and move on basically, don't waste time and energy.

RC and LR questions from 2:00-3:00 I got 10/14 right which is 71% accuracy.
RC and LR questions from 1:30 - 2:00 I got 9/12 which is 75% right.
RC and LR questions that took 1:00 - 1:30 I had 86% accuracy, getting 25/29 questions right.
Alarmingly, for questions that took less than 1:00 on LR and RC, I had 100% accuracy, getting 16/16 right.

What's going on for LR and RC is I basically knew the answer fast or not at all. More time doesn't didn't mean significantly more accuracy for me.

For LG: oddly the results were not the same at all for answering fast. As a caveat, I do consistently go -0 to -2/3 with more time, on one game in particular I got 3 wrong in a row which is not usual for me.

<1:00, I got 70% 7/10 right
1:00 - 1:30, I got 87% 7/8 right
1:30 - 2:00 1/1 questions right

2:00 75% 3/4 right

For LG I missed 5 questions total and 60% of those incorrect answers took me less than a minute to get wrong. My takeaway from this would be don't rush, with extra time focus more on POE, and I need to keep foolproofing. What's especially odd is generally if you make a fundamental mistake you end up coming across an LG question where things just don't feel right, or you can POE all the answers, indicating you made a mistake in setup or rules. That didn't happen here so I need to find out what went on.

This is a sample size of only 1 test so take this with a grain of salt. Hope you enjoyed the read

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