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LSAT Flex/Digital LSAT

Christina WaltonChristina Walton Alum Member
in General 769 karma

I plan on taking the LSAT in October, so I’m not sure if they will still be doing LSAT Flex by then, but I am worried about taking the exam digitally. On the LSAC website where you can take practice tests the highlighting tools do not work for me. So I’m worried about not being able to annotate when I take the real thing. Has this been a problem for people, or is annotating easy to do on the LSAT flex/the digital one if anyone has taken it?


  • jugolo96jugolo96 Alum Member
    edited July 2020 103 karma

    The LSAT is now fully digital even for in person tests (they use a Microsoft Go tablet and give you a pen that has one end that is a stylus for the tablet).

    The LSAT flex is literally taken on the LawHub website so it is exactly the same format as those practice exams they have on there. The Digital LSAT is pretty much the same but in a tablet format so horizontal instead of vertical and no mouse.

    You will not be able to annotate on the question itself other than those highlighter and underline tools, just the same way the 7Sage digital PTs are. I suggest you practice this and get used to it since it is what you will see (either on your laptop or on a tablet at the test center).

    Unfortunately paper tests with full annotation flexibility are a thing of the past :neutral:

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