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LSAT Flex: What does "use (cell phone) as a mirror during check-in" mean?

kyoungy_kyoungy_ Live Member
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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if any one could please clarify this phrase on the LSAT Flex FAQ page. It says:

  • Q: What electronic devices are prohibited?
  • A: "One cell phone is allowed for use as a mirror during check-in as instructed by your proctor, but it must be turned off and put away as instructed by the proctor before the test begins. Additional cell phones are prohibited."


I was wondering what exactly "use as a mirror during check-in" mean? Does this mean that it's mandatory for me to bring my cell phone to my desk? (I was planning to turn it off & put it away long before the test starts for peace of mind, but now I'm not sure whether I need to have it with me and also have it turned on at the beginning of the test? Seems rather odd.)

Also, what is a "check-in"???

I'd be much grateful if anyone could please provide any clarification on this. Thank you in advance!


  • a1ex_682a1ex_682 Alum Member
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    Following thread

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    You will use the front camera on your phone, so the image displays like a mirror. You will then point the screen towards your laptop, so the proctor can look at your laptop display/keyboard. They will also have you hold your laptop up and spin it around your room. I believe we are required to show all of this to limit cheating. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  • kyoungy_kyoungy_ Live Member
    73 karma Ah I see! Thank you so much, this does help a lot. Good luck to you too!

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