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Pausing LSAT Flex

nostawa19nostawa19 Legacy Member
edited July 2020 in July 2020 LSAT 7 karma

I had a very stressful experience with ProctorU and it took almost 2 hours until I was finally able to log on and start the exam due to various technical difficulties and multiple disconnects from their tech support. When I was finally able to start the exam I was still extremely stressed and on the verge of a panic attack, and asked my proctor to pause the exam briefly so that I could regain my composure (I was hyperventilating, dizzy, and shaking severely). The exam was paused for about 30 seconds and I was not far into the section at all, and the exam proceeded with no other issues. I asked the proctor if my score would be cancelled or if my test would have to be reviewed due to the pause, and she said she didn't know. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar or has any insight to offer on how this could impact whether or not I receive a score.


  • 159orBust159orBust Monthly Member
    edited July 2020 53 karma

    I think you will be good. I clicked off the screen by mistake twice when taking the june test when using my touch screen. So the proctor had to re put in his/her password twice to put me back in the test. So in a way I "paused"the test twice and nothing negative came out of it. You will be fine, if worst case scenario you justify your need to pause due to technical difficulties. I really doubt they would hold it against you.

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