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Should I sign up for August Flex?

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Like others, I don't know if I performed to expectation on July. I'm pretty sure I killed LG, did okay on LR, but may have bombed RC (that tribes passage...)

My last few PTs before the test were 171, 170, and 175. I'd be happy at this point if I managed to get a mid-high 160 but my brain is giving me a huge possible range of scores from below my diagnostic to possibly around where I was scoring by the end.

I'm really happy with my LG performance since I spent most time working on it throughout my prep (thank you 7sage, Foolproofing Method, & Pacifico's Attack Method). I'm fairly confident I went -0 or -1 unless I missed something important, but I had time to check everything over. But I can't stop thinking about RC since it's always been my most consistent section but for this test I only had a few minutes left at the end of it, and I didn't feel confident about most of my answers from a couple of the passages.

While I'm loathe to give LSAC any more money then it's already taken from me, I'm going to need a fairly high LSAT since I'm a splitter with a horrible GPA (though at least I'd be a mature candidate, so I have that going for me).

What do you guys think? What have you guys done? I've been feeling a little nauseous ever since I finished the July Flex and I can't stop thinking about it.


  • RaphaelPRaphaelP Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    Hey! I'm in a similar boat - splitter who sat for the July flex and is relying on a good score for my admissions cycle. I felt solid about July (although I share your trepidations about RC...), but signed up for August; the way I see it, the downside to needing the August flex and not having it outweighs the downside to signing up and not needing it. I obviously can't speak to your personal financial considerations, but if it isn't prohibitively expensive for you, I'd register for it. Besides, there likely won't be a time in our lives that we'll be happier to have wasted 200 bucks if, on the 30th, we find out we hit our targets and don't need the August test after all!

  • italian_tacoitalian_taco Member
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    I would send it on the August one! I'm on the same boat. I'm going to chill out for the rest of this week and get back on the study wave next week. We get our scores on July 30th so yo if the stars aligned and you get a score you're happy with hell ya congrats! If not you have until August 9th to make the call of if you wanna take the August Flex or take the coupon for an LSAT until April 2021. So you have an extra week of studying until you have to decide! Better to have the opportunity to send on August than wait you feel?

  • FindingSageFindingSage Alum Member
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    We are in a similar boat as I am also a splitter. I was also scoring in the 170's prior to yesterday's test but am seriously thinking I will cancel. I had LR first and think I did well ( -0- to -2) range is my guess but of course I am really second guessing myself now. Second section was LG and I had an environmental issue happen that caused me to lose time. I therefore guessed with 5 minutes left and could easily go -4/-6 in this section. This depresses me to no end as I was typically -0 to -2 on games and have also spent a lot of time on games. RC sounds like we had that same problem. I re read the tribes passage and still think I never really got it, there was also strange questions in there that I don't feel confident on. Like you I feel like I could be almost anywhere from higher 150's to maybe a 170. I have two previous poor scores on record and while I think this score will be better than those I feel I will retake anyway.
    I signed up for August prior to taking the test and am glad I did. I will take the day to think about it but think I will be cancelling by tomorrow. I also felt the same way about giving LSAC more money but as one splitter to another I think you should also register for August just in case.

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    Thanks @rjp12345 @italian_taco @FindingSage

    I've signed up for August. It's nice to know there are others in the same boat (at least so I know we're all suffering together). Fingers crossed for those who don't cancel that we don't need to go through the LSAT again and we just get the scores we want. Having August on the table is worth it and now I can stop thinking about the LSAT so much until then at least. I'm going to take a couple weeks off from it and just relax before getting back to it near the end of the month.

  • FindingSageFindingSage Alum Member
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    @"jeff.wongkachi" I signed up the day before July Flex and honestly it was worth it. You are so close PT wise to where you want to be that you could have easily accomplished what you were hoping for already but it is good to have a back up to still be able to apply early for 2021. I actually got some emails from schools seeing I was taking the test in July and asking for applications for the 2020 cycle! So I think to everyone who attempted July and was scoring around the range they wanted in their practice tests prior to July, even if July doesn't end up being your test- you will get there.

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