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LSAT Flex Withdrawal

LSAT2020_KLSAT2020_K Yearly Member


I called the LSAC to withdraw my July LSAT flex registration last week, and they completely cleared it on my LSAC account. They also instructed me to cancel the ProctorU scheduled test session, so I cancelled it. However, I still see July exam that is pending on my account, which is very confusing. Is it correct that we just needed to cancel the session, and we can ignore that the exam is pending on our account?


  • jegosi215jegosi215 Alum Member
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    If you're talking about how it still says its pending a scheduling time on ProctorU, then I don't think there's anything else to do. I saw the same issue on my ProctorU account, so I called them, and all they could tell me was that I cancelled my scheduled time successfully, and that there was nothing else for me to do on the site. I think as long as LSAC cleared it from your LSAC account, you're good.

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    Pending means cancelled. I had the same problem and a customer support told me so.
    My situation was quite strange. I withdrew the test and received a confirmation letter from the LSAC. But the LSAC did not instruct me to cancel the test on Proctor U. I logged in Proctor U today and saw I still had an active exam to take. I was worried I would have an absence record, so I contacted Proctor U on my own. They cancelled the test for me on their end. Isn't it strange? It means that I can still take the test even if I have withdrawn the test. What lol

  • lsatplaylistlsatplaylist Monthly Member
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    Hope it got resolved by now.

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