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167 on July Flex. (was PT between 167-173) Advice on CC for someone trying to push into mid 170"s

Kostick.noah19Kostick.noah19 Alum Member
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Hi everyone I was looking for a little bit of advice...

I started studying for the LSAT in December with Kahn Academy (I know horrible choice) with a diagnostic of 153. I improved to a 157 after two months hired a tutor and was PT between 167-173 before the July flex. I got a 167 and was not surprised as I felt I had made some mistakes on the games.

I am switching over to using CC and was wondering if anyone had any advice on navigating through it with the hope of taking the exam again in October. For reference my splits looked like LR: -0 to - 4 RC: -0 to -6 (most inconsistent section) LG: -0 to -3.

Thank you all in advance.

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