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Perfecting strategy for LR Sections?

So I'm at the point in my studies where my BR score for LR (both sections) is consistently very low (-1, -1, -4, -2, -2) on my last 5 PTs but my timed score has lagged significantly (-6, -5, -7, -4, -7).

Part of what has been frustrating me is that I typically finish an LR section with plenty of time to spare (10-5 minutes left) but it just seems that I am never able to allocate those last minute effectively - I will confirm a wrong AC or two (that I'll then get right in BR w/o the time pressure) I'll go back to questions that I got correct that I probably shouldn't be double-checking, etc.

I'm aiming for low-mid 170s so I don't expect my BR to become my timed score and I'm not shooting for perfect either but I'ld like to get a better grasp on how to allocate the remaining time that I have bought with being so efficient on the 1st round.

I'm spending this week on drilling full LR sections in the 70s (already done these so I'm not burning fresh PTs in case any one is wondering). I'm trying to track 1) how much time I have left at the end of the section 2) how many wrong ACs I end up switching to right (and vice-versa). Should I also be tracking how many questions I unnecessarily go back to? What else should I be tracking?

In addition, I'm continuing to drill weaknesses that I found and really 'full-proof' out questions that I missed the day before to cover any gaps and familiarize myself with the feel of the newer questions.

Any thoughts? How have other people improved this?


  • seriouslyseriously Alum Member
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    Have you tried slowing down during your actual timed run? An approach that Mike Kim recommends is going slow enough to thoroughly eliminate any of the "loser" answers (i.e., answers that you can easily show are wrong) and then coming back to confirm the right answer. Sometimes I find that I've decided an answer is correct without checking the other ones, and it might be helpful to try to minimize that bias by forcing yourself to have an "elimination" mentality rather than a "selection" mentality.

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