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My advice on applying for disability accommodations for those with mental illness.

stephanieflores8094stephanieflores8094 Alum Member
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Hi everyone,
I wanted to write this post for people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness/disorder and are considering applying for disability accommodations. If you feel like studying for the LSAT is a lot harder because of your diagnoses, my advice is to consider talking to a therapist about applying for disability accommodations. I was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder my junior year of college and got good grades because most of my finals were take home and had amazing understanding teachers. However, the LSAT was something that I just had a lot of difficulty overcoming and felt like I had to sacrifice many things in my life and study 10 hours daily just to catch up on time loss from getting stuck on obsessions or doing my compulsions. After one year of studying and talking to my therapist, I realized that OCD is something that I simply couldn't shut off when taking practice tests so I applied for disability accommodations for extra time and got it! I realized that life does't have to be so hard and that accommodations was going to put in a fair playing field. I'm writing this post because a year ago when I first started studying for the LSAT, I didn't know that I could qualify for LSAT accommodations because I assumed that it was only for people diagnosed with a learning disability. But now that I know more, I wanted to write this post for anyone who also has OCD or a different mental illness to consider applying for accommodations. You deserve to make life easier for yourself. I hope this message can shed light for other OCD sufferers studying for the LSAT <3 & def sending positive vibes for the disability community ! We are strong and worthy of going after our goals.


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