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For those looking for a 180: Discord Study Group for June 2022 Exam

acingaway-1acingaway-1 Member
edited January 2022 in Study Groups 150 karma

Hello all!

I am looking to start a LSAT study/discord group where we can have set times to meet and discuss certain topics (conditional statements, LR questions types, etc), strategies, as well as review PTs.

I am PST and am hoping for something either evenings or Sundays. Time has yet TBD.

My hope is that I can gather enough people to sort of allow more groups to splinter off, just so there are times that can work for everyone--maybe a group Monday evenings from 6-8p; then a group Sunday 12-2p, or something of the sort.

A little about me: I work part-time and am working my way up through PTs. I'm around the early 20's currently. I have availability at strange times in the afternoon and usually during the evening, as well as on Sunday. I am aiming for 180. It'd be cool to get other like-minded people to gather.

Since the LSAT is all about critical reading skills and tenacity, I am only looking to work with serious minded learners who are committed to participating in an enriching study group. That being said, please PM to ask for the discord link. Commenting on this post will not suffice! Yes, lol, this is a real "did you read the syllabus" moment. But again, I will gladly send a discord link to those who PM me!

Thank you and good luck!



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