Complex Causation / Assumed Premises Questions

Does anyone have any good examples of LR questions (from PTs 1-35 / 36-46 / which deploy some complex causation logic and or use some implicit assumption that is a central part of the argument.

An example of the latter type of question would be a question I recently did (can't remember the PT) where scientists claimed that, "If there was extraterrestrial life 50 million lightyears away then they would be able to contact us. Ergo, there is not extraterrestrial life 50 million lightyears away" [The implicit assumption being that we have not been contacted by extraterrestrials (lol)].

Another example is Disease X causes increased levels of serotonin. Serotonin is correlated with high-blood pressure. Therefore taking a bill which reduces serotonin levels might be able to reduce high-blood pressure [The implicit assumption being that serotonin actually CAUSES high blood pressure].

Questions can be any "type" (flaw/strengthen/weaken/etc.) really would just love to see more of these.



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    Also if I can add to that any questions where identifying the conclusion is more difficult than usual - those also tend to be challenging for me.

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