Looking for Study Buddy - PTing in 150s - Goal 165+

cris1222cris1222 Member
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Hi, does anyone want to be study buddies on Zoom? I would love to meet 2x a week on Thursday and Sunday evenings for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. This would start this Thursday, September 3rd. I think this would be a great accountability tool. I am planning on taking the November exam and I am very serious about my studies. Please drop your email in the comments so that we can chat! Thanks :)!


  • Saijal PatelSaijal Patel Alum Member
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    I am exactly in the same score zone and am currently aiming for 160's. My email is saijal17@hotmail.com

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    Hey I'd like to join too, gresa.murati@live.com

  • cris1222cris1222 Member
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    @"Saijal Patel" and @"GRESA.MURATI" sent you both emails with more details :smile: ! Excited to work together!

  • ashleyr793-1ashleyr793-1 Alum Member
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    Hi! Id love to do the same! ashleyr793@gmail.com

  • sarah.ylsarah.yl Member
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    Hi I am also interested! My email is sarah.yutingli@gmail.com

  • cris1222cris1222 Member
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    @ashleyr793-1 and @sarah.yutingli, sent emails to both of you :)!

  • Cauolyn15Cauolyn15 Member
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    I'm interested. I'm in the 150s range. My email address is Cauolyn15@gmail.com

  • maxpikehmaxpikeh Member
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    I'm interested too if there's room! Currently PT'ing in the same 150's range with the same goal score. My email maxpikeh@gmail.com :)

  • ndawit21ndawit21 Core Member
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    Hi! I am also on the same boat. My email is ndawit@gwu.edu :)

  • sherkhannasimsherkhannasim Member
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    I would really love to join in on this. I’m scoring also in the 150s and desperately need to break into the 160s by November, I think it would help to meet regularly and talk over questions so we can work with each other on confusing problems. My email is sherkhannasim@gmail.com

  • marco.delgmarco.delg Alum Member
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    I'm interested, 156-157 range, trying to break through the 160 barrier. Email: marco.delg@hotmail.com @cris1222

  • tejpat717tejpat717 Core Member
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    I'm interested! I'm PTing in the 150s and am looking to break into the 160s as well. My email is tejpat717@gmail.com

  • senaaziz44senaaziz44 Core Member
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    I have the same goal! My email is sena.aziz@gmail.com

  • oagui023oagui023 Member
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    Mid 150s here. Same goal score! Email: orlandoaguilar94@gmail.com

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    me too!

  • beccahope.weinsteinbeccahope.weinstein Free Trial Member
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    I am in the same boat! high 150s-, looking for mid high 160's...struggle with LR the most! would love someone to work with 1-2x per week! beccahope.weinstein@gmail.com

  • Juris_Q11Juris_Q11 Member
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    I'd like to join to! qnwangwu@gmail.com

  • gtaylorlgtaylorl Member
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    Hey! I’m currently PT’ing in the mid 160s but I’d still love to join if possible! My weakest section is logic games. galditaylor@gmail.com

  • nmeridapnmeridap Core Member
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    Id love to join! My email is nmeridap@gmail.com

  • yadielsolis2yadielsolis2 Member
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    I am interested my email is yadielsolis2@gmail.com

  • mistu__13mistu__13 Core Member
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    i would also love to join my email is mistu13@gmail.com

  • nomomnomnomomnom Member
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    Hi I'm scoring in the low 160s and shooting for 165+, would love to join the group. My email is vincciceee@gmail.com

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    Hello, I'd love to BR w u twice a week! Currently scoring in the low 150s, my email is victoire.mac@gmail.com

  • Sunshine BuzeSunshine Buze Core Member
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    Mine is scherlynnbuzenes@gmail.com if you till have room

  • jw039298jw039298 Free Trial Member
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    Great idea, a whole group has already gathered!

  • Juris_Q11Juris_Q11 Member
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    qnwangwu@gmail.com I'd love to join as well

  • xtinextinextinextine Member
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    Would love to join in if there's still room! I'm hoping to break into the 160s as well.

  • kanarrankanarran Core Member
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    I'd also like to join, if possible. My email is kanarran@vcu.edu

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