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What is the difference between an argument part question and method of reasoning question?

daniel.floresjrdaniel.floresjr Free Trial Member
edited September 2013 in General 13 karma
I was wondering if someone can tell me any differences between the two question types above. I see that they are similar but, I don't see any differences between them, other than the vocabulary or the way the questions are asked?


  • KK Free Trial Member
    edited September 2013 345 karma
    in argument part questions, you are asked to explain the purpose of a part of an argument.

    for example:

    hot surfaces are red. this surface is hot. thus, this surface is red.

    what is the role played by 'this surface is hot'? Well, it is the conclusion!

    in method of reasoning questions, you usually have to explain the way the argument works. How does the argument reach its conclusion?

    for example:

    when it is sunny, rob always walks to work. today it was not sunny, so rob probably drove to work.

    What is the method of reasoning here? the correct answer choice could be something like "show that something is probable by ruling out an alternative"

  • averydosteraverydoster Free Trial Member
    3 karma
    I don't mean to nit-pick, but when you say that the "hot surfaces are red," in lawgic form is it like this: Hot Surface --> Red ?

    If you satisfy the necessary, then the rule is irrelevant, right? Genuinely asking, how does "x are y" translate?
  • daniel.floresjrdaniel.floresjr Free Trial Member
    13 karma
    I see the difference now. Thanks!
  • KK Free Trial Member
    edited September 2013 345 karma
    thx avery i will fix my example. i was on my phone wasn't really paying attention to the logic i was just trying to give a general example.

    glad u are able to see the difference daniel. GL.
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