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General RC Question-- what is the meaning of the word "issue"?

DarklordDarklord Alum Member


Does anyone know what LSAT's RC sections mean by the word "issue" (ie PT30.S3.Q25 mentions "issues surrounding a study are discussed")? Asking because "issue" could have 2 meanings-- topic or a point of disagreement, both of which I feel could be relevant in RC.




  • lsatplaylistlsatplaylist Alum Member
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    Looks like the author's getting ready to discuss a concern and might also share background information.

  • taschasptaschasp Alum Member Sage
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    I would interpret "issue" in this context as closer to the google definition, "an important topic or problem for debate or discussion," which is inclusive of both the terms you provided: a topic that is a point of contention. But it's not so much about whether they are disagreements as it is whether they are "problems": maybe everyone universally agrees that the "issue" with the study exists, but it's still an issue. In this case, though, we have no such discussion of issues/problems with the study.

    In fact, no matter how you really interpret "issues", the passage just doesn't go on to talk about the study--it uses the study as a basis for evidence, and then offers suggestions for theorizations/explanations that are consistent with the study based on Vernon's work.

    If the passage were to have went on to discuss "Issues with a study" it would be like a passage that instead focused on problems with the study, like maybe the original findings were problematic because of the research methods used, or other possible objections to the study itself.

  • DarklordDarklord Alum Member
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    So basically @taschasp you are stating that, in the context of "issues surrounding a study", issue = problem with the study?

  • taschasptaschasp Alum Member Sage
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    Yep, pretty much. Problems, contentions, questions raised, etc. -- anything like that, but clearly having to do with the study. The important thing here is we need issues around the study, rather than issues in general or issues with something else.

  • DarklordDarklord Alum Member
    586 karma

    Ok, thank you-- this really helped!

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