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What are the chance that Jan-LSAT will be Flex??

WhatslsatWhatslsat Member
in General 476 karma

I'm scoring -0 ~ -3 on LG
but havent done any RC passages and am scoring -8 ~ -12 on LR so I don't think I'm ready for Nov even though I want to take the FLex.

What do you think are the chances that Jan will be a Flex??


  • 615Kevin615Kevin Member
    74 karma

    I would say it is likely that it will be Flex. I honestly feel that the fair thing to do is to make this entire cycle Flex so that everyone is on equal footing. I don't think it would be fair for applicants to have to take the original 5-section exam in the spring while applying in the same cycle. The Flex is shorter and requires less stamina.
    But of course, many people have struggled with taking the test online for various reasons so hopefully they can keep the 3-section format and maybe have an in-person option.

  • WhatslsatWhatslsat Member
    476 karma

    That makes perfect sense! Thanks so much for the information, this is a huge relief for me. Now I'm going to shoot for January!

  • 615Kevin615Kevin Member
    edited September 2020 74 karma

    @alexhpcs Hey, just to clarify, I have no idea if January will be Flex. I am just sharing my thoughts about it, but I have no clue. I don't want to mislead you at all!!

  • hopefullinghopefulling Member
    905 karma

    I think the "best" indicator of whether an in-person January test is possible is how many schools are opening up in-person for the Spring 2021 semester. (Especially schools around you) If the schools are open and we can wear masks and they can space us out, there's fewer reasons to not make us take it in person (they'll use the "hey, don't take it if you don't feel safe" comment). But ... I don't know how hesitant a school will be to have a bunch of 'off-campus' people invade their campus (without proving we're uninfected) right as the semester starts and everyone else on campus is coming back. If it's risky or not at all risky (just disinfect and we were never there mindset). ???

    I think the idea that everyone (almost: maybe some last February test takers were early birds in prep for Fall 2021) is Flex for this cycle is really interesting (strengthens :smile:), but I can only imagine HOW badly the LSAC wants to get back into testing experimental sections.

  • WhatslsatWhatslsat Member
    476 karma

    @615Kevin Oh no! I know that what you said wasn't the confirmation but I'm much more convinced now that it will be. No worries, I should been more precise in my response :blush:

  • WhatslsatWhatslsat Member
    476 karma

    @hopefulling I'm in the east-coast, DMV area. I think the pandemic is dying down in this area but some of my friends who go to Georgetown University is still taking online classes so hopefully the school in DC and in VA and MD will stay closed and continue to go online.

    I really want to take the Flex. I hear that they say it's equally difficult test but my intuition tells me that FLEX is MUCH easier than the 5-section test. Just the reduced psychological pressure of having to do 3-section is a huge advantage imo let alone the less stamina required to take the whole test.
    The real one is essentially FLEX+2 more sections + writing in one sitting. I'm not sure how the two are comparable. I think they could've easily added an experimental section to the FLEX to make it more even. I wonder why they havent...

    If it's going to be Flex for at least few of the exam next year it would be awesome!!

  • 615Kevin615Kevin Member
    74 karma

    @alexhpcs Hey! In case you didn't know, the FLEX will be all the way through April.

  • nanabillannanabillan Member
    347 karma

    It will be flex

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