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Which PT LG Section has a lil bit of everything for the games?

carlos.raiz23carlos.raiz23 Alum Member
in General 195 karma

Let me know!


  • ConstantineConstantine Alum Member
    1207 karma

    Each PT

  • carlos.raiz23carlos.raiz23 Alum Member
    195 karma

    Thanks mijo!

  • noonawoonnoonawoon Alum Member
    3481 karma

    You can create custom problem sets if you want to do a section with very specific types of games!

  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Alum Member
    2054 karma

    Yeah, I do not thing that picking a specific PT is the strategy here. I think creating a problem set with a game of each type is the best option. You could create a problem set with 8 games and probably get a pretty good representation of each question type at different difficulties. If you want to assess yourself make sure each one is at least 3 star difficulty. No need to confuse your skills by giving easy layups

  • propan112propan112 Free Trial Member
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  • AllariakAllariak Member
    50 karma

    If you want to prepare yourself for the worst, check out the last game of pt 72....

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