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Final Hurdle on LG. How to get from -3 to -0?

173orbust173orbust Alum Member

Does anyone have any advice on getting LG down from -3 average to -1/0? I am currently averaging -2 on both LR and RC, so this is the only thing holding my score back from my goals. I have done every game from PT 1-35 multiple times and am not sure how to proceed. Should I continue taking full PTs and redoing the new games? I would not say i'm struggling with any particular game type, but I tend to make 1 costly error like misreading a rule and losing a ton of time before figuring it out. Any advice would be appreciated.


  • Law and YodaLaw and Yoda Alum Member
    4155 karma

    One thing you could do is to go back and evaluate which questions you're missing. Maybe there is a pattern as to which ones you are missing and you can re-drill those question types to get better. Another thing you can do that is similar is review the rules you said you misread to see if there is a certain kind of rule that doesn't click right away and figure out why. Lastly, just have complete confidence in yourself. I know it sounds silly, but you may be thinking "I don't want to go -2/-3 on this PT again" and that could play a role in your performance. So no matter the results, keep going in with full confidence!

  • WouldRatherBeEatingWouldRatherBeEating Alum Member
    456 karma

    I had the misreading rule issue. Basically now after I write down the rules, I go back and reread all of the rules to make sure I translated correctly. Using those few extra seconds up front to make sure everything is right, not only ultimately saves me time but I've also gotten my accuracy to perfect on nearly every LG section I take. Also, reviewing the rules sometimes helps an inference pop out to me, saving even more time for me to review.

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