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Posting on Behalf of a 7Sage User: I have a question that I am confused about something.

Theo - 7SageTheo - 7Sage Member Moderator Student Services
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[I am posting on behalf of a 7Sage user:]

If there is a sentence that has words from 2 different groups in lawgic, for example, Beth Cannot (group 4) go to the store without (group 3) Tim. Do i have to negate both ideas? and how do I find which is the sufficient? I hope this makes sense!


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    Hi there,

    I hope I'm not late.

    If the sentence is: "Beth cannot go to the store without Tim," I would just translate it using group 3, with the word "without." I do this because group 3 is "negate anything, and make it sufficient."

    I already know that Beth is negative (i.e. Beth cannot go), so using group 3 translation, I would just negate this term, making it positive, and leaving it as sufficient.

    So after the translation, it would go like,

    Orig: Beth cannot go to the store without Tim.
    Trans: Beth can go to the store [only when/with] Tim.

    To fully answer your question, you'll see a lot of LR questions with group 3/4 translations combined. Your example is a perfect example of this. Usually when I see that (/A unless B), I automatically translate it using group 3, making it ( A --> B).

    Hope this helped. Sorry for the late reply.

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