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Can you register for a US Testing Region test even if you are in Europe?

Noise DogoodNoise Dogood Alum Member
edited September 2020 in General 240 karma

I’m a US citizen/have a US home address etc but just moved to the UK to start grad school for a year. I took the August LSAT Flex in the US, but want to register for the November LSAT-Flex. November is not offered in the Europe region though!

Is the testing region based upon where you are located when taking the test, or where you are from? Could I register for the November LSAT (US region) even though I’m taking it in the UK?

More backstory:
I did register for October though so will take that test if I can't register for November. Ideally, I want to take it in November rather than October because I'll have more time. I got a 169 on the August LSAT (I'm grateful for the score), but know that I can do better (based upon my avgs), but think I'll need more time than 2 weeks.


  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Member
    edited September 2020 2054 karma

    I have heard, though can not personally confirm, that they geolocate your IP address. If you try to take it in Europe they will see that you are not in the USA and bar you from taking it. I do not know that for sure however. In theory you could use a good VPN to work around that, but I do not no that I would take the risk of consequences, if any. You can probably find out more detailed info on the LSAC site somewhere.

    I had been hoping to register for November as well, because I want a couple of shots at as near a perfect score as I can get, but it is not available here in Asia either. I think that all international regions offer the same test dates. It hardly seems fair in the admissions process that those in the US have twice as many available dates, but not much to be done about it.

  • koza18koza18 Member
    116 karma

    I called them recently from Australia and asked if I could take it in November even though it isn't offered here. They said I theoretically could, but that it's unlikely, given the time difference, that anyone would be "on-call" to proctor me and so I probably wouldn't be able to. You should give them a call, though- I'm not too sure if what I was told is accurate!

  • Marriam KMarriam K Core Member
    edited September 2020 11 karma

    Seems like different ppl, different answers :/

  • zc199907zc199907 Member
    22 karma

    I am based in China, and I called LSAC, asking if I could register the August LSAT (US region). They told me it would be a violation if I take the test in a region outside the US.

  • Noise DogoodNoise Dogood Alum Member
    240 karma

    Agreed with you @VerdantZephyr "It hardly seems fair in the admissions process that those in the US have twice as many available dates, but not much to be done about it."

    @koza18 and @zc199907 your LSAC spokespeople seemed to provide conflicting answers! haha. I would only register for the November test (US) if I had peace of mind and wouldn't feel like my score may get cancelled/ it would be a violation. Standing on an ambiguity like what @koza18's spokesperson said sounds terrible ~.

    I wish they plainly wrote something on their website regarding the purpose/strictness of testing center locale (whether the "region" is for where you are from, or where you are planning on taking the test). I'll call tmrw, but really hope someone has a clear/authoritative answer on this, or at least knows why LSAC has the region-based testing set up like this.

  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Member
    2054 karma

    Yeah, I really want a second try at my best score, but I'm hesitant to do it.

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