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Is there a way to take a flex PT using the LSAC format?

kelseyperkins1192kelseyperkins1192 Core Member
in General 66 karma

I took the LSAT Flex in June and wasn't used to the format. Is there a way we can take the practice tests in this format to get used to it?


  • Frenchy555Frenchy555 Live Member
    edited September 2020 393 karma

    Exact format as the actual Flex. If you buy the Prep Plus you get access to PT's 19-88. PT 71 and PT 73 are free for everyone

  • thuyannathuyanna Free Trial Member
    2 karma

    Did you purchase the $99 to have access to all digital versions of previous PT? Is it on here like the way it is for 71 and 73?

  • WouldRatherBeEatingWouldRatherBeEating Alum Member
    456 karma

    If you have the preptest available to you on 7Sage then you should have those same ones available to you on the LSAC lawhub site. You use the same login as for 7sage.

  • kelseyperkins1192kelseyperkins1192 Core Member
    66 karma

    thanks everyone!

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