PT24.S1.Q04 (P1) - musicologists concerned with the "london pianoforte school"

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Can somebody explain to me why D is correct? I can't find any explanations for this passage.


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    NVM I think I figured this out
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    Because it's good practice (and I want to see if we're on the same page), I think the key to answering this question correctly is in lines 8-11: "...although people apparently ignore mundane hazards that pose significant danger, they get upset about exotic hazard that pose little chance of death or injury."

    (D) is the only answer choice that really gets at this. Here is a person who is endangering his/her life all the time and yet is worried about the very unlikely chance he/she will get hit by a meteorite.

    (A) lacks the "mundane hazard" mentioned -- in fact, this practice is actually pretty practical
    (B) complete opposite -- this is somebody who is refusing to engage in dangerous behavior
    (C) complete opposite -- this is somebody who is taking precautions to minimize any negative effects
    (E) unclear how this relates to the principle (lacks the "mundane hazard AND exotic danger" that is contained in lines 8-11)
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    Correct! My initial AC was (E) I misinterpreted it. I thought (E) was assuming that since they don't want that in their town since it pose a danger so it'll be better if they place it in another town since then it won't affect them. But it's unclear to line 8-11 so after looking over it again this afternoon I realized how silly the AC were and went with (D).
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