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Flex scoring scale discrepancy

picklerickpicklerick Monthly Member
in General 43 karma

Hi there,

I've found a significant discrepancy between the scores the 7sage Flex calculator and the Powerscore Flex calculator spit out.
Powerscore link here:

A -6 gives a 170 in the 7Sage calculator for many tests, whereas the Powerscore calculator would give a -6 a 168 with the default settings.

Disclaimer: I do not subscribe to Powerscore, but I do listen to their podcast. They've claimed their scale estimations seem to be borne out by student experience, but I'm not so sure that they know this for a fact. Or maybe they have insider knowledge..
The harder scale would seem to be consistent with the fewer anecdotal reports of over-performances after the August Flex.

I understand that LSAC has not responded to requests for scale info, but does anyone have an idea which one of these tools is most accurate?



  • disindexdisindex Alum Member
    edited September 2020 57 karma

    7sage isn't even consistent with itself. If you use the Flex Score converter ( and input your PrepTest results from the results page, you'll sometimes get a different scaled score for the same raw score.

    As in, the Converter and the Results page will give you a different scaled score for the same raw score.

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