Limited time - which PTs to take?

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Took October, signed up for November.

I've done the games from most of the 1-35 and many of the 40s. Have many 60s, 70s, and 80s tests yet to take - more tests than I can take before November, which will by my final LSAT attempt.

How do I prioritize (or should I just go semi-random)? Would doing all 80s and a couple 70s leave me at a disadvantage if new tests pull from old material? How are y'all handling this?

Are there particular tests that stand out as "must dos?"

PT order
  1. How would you prioritize?8 votes
    1. 80s then 70s
    2. 80s with some 70s and 60s sprinkled in
    3. Random
    4. This is a dumb question, just take random # tests cause they're all the same


  • dudekcdudekc Monthly Member
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    Anything after June '07. The reason I say this is because that is the first test to incorporate the comparative passages in RC. Other than that, they are pretty much the same thing.

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