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Question about those "Please list and detail your extracurriculars" Essay/Addenda

ahnendc-1ahnendc-1 Member
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Hey everyone! Currently in the midst of doing this for UVA which requests that all applicants:

"list your significant extracurricular, extra-professional, community and/or other activities in the order of importance to you. Please provide a brief (1) description of each activity, and (2) specify your involvement, (3) length of involvement, (4) special projects, and (5) responsibilities."

I know a couple of other schools ask something similar so UVA isn't the only one that this applies to.

Anyways, curious as to what the optimal strategy here is in terms of quantity vs. quality - probably like a lot of people I joined a TON of organizations but probably only had a serious and sustained involvement in 3-4. On my resume I've limited the number of organizations that I list to just those that I would be confident talking about if anyone were to ask me about it - I mean after all no one is really going to believe that I had a meaningful involvement in 12 different clubs/organizations.. do you think the same principle applies to this type of statement: List and explain everything you did in the handful of clubs and organizations that actually meant something to you or exhaustively list everything you were engaged in and emphasize those organizations that were most important?

Also, been out of school for 3 years now and have not been involved in any extra-professional activities - how bad is that? Not super worried about it but kind of feel like I probably should have been doing SOMETHING lol.

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