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November LSAT Study Buddy in South Korea

Jason7sonJason7son Member

Hey all! I am in South Korea right now, so I was wondering if anyone in Korea would be interested in blind reviewing PTs together.

I was thinking two PTs per week - total of six until the exam. Since I have taken October LSAT, I have used some of the current PTs, so we're gonna have to work around with which PTs to take. I was thinking two PTs in 60s, 70s, and 80s.

My weakest section is RC around -10 (I know its horrible) and my strongest is LG around -0 or -1. I usually get -3 to -5 on LR. It would be preferable if you're really good at RC, but if not that's okay. We can improve together! I get around 165 and I want to bring it up to 170.

If you're interested, direct message me. Thanks!

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