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174! Thank you 7Sage!

RaphaelPRaphaelP Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
in General 1089 karma

I just got back my October LSAT, and received a 174! I honestly am floored, and wanted to thank everyone on the 7Sage team + people on these discussion boards. I pretty much exclusively used 7Sage to study, and have 0 doubt that I would have never been able to perform well on the test without this site and community. Having taken most of the PTs and done the CC, I was helped immeasurably by informative user comments, and by all of JY's absolutely superb (and entertaining) videos.

As an aside, I ended up needing 3 takes and 7 months to finally hit my target (2 high 160s on my first two takes) - if it would be useful for anyone, I'd be happy to type up a much longer post that goes into depth about section strategies/study tips (and feel free to PM about this too).

Thank you 7Sage + JY for the help! Glad to be finished with this test after 3 takes, and to dig into some ice cream!


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