PT27.S1.Q21 - in order to pressure the government

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This is a NA question... One of my least favorites! Could somebody tell me how they approached this question to get B?

I actually crossed out B because of it's ending stating that " gov't officials"
NA =subtle assumptions. I think it's late and my brain needs rest lol

But I chose D because of "most effective" but once I BR I knew this answer choice was too strong to be an NA AC. And since it also starts out with "Of all"


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    @emli1000 Here's my breakdown of the answer choices:

    A: Out of scope; S’s policy regarding imports not relevant to R’s policies and desire to pressure them to bring about reform/relent
    B: Negate this: Only top gov’t officials will get the phones. Well that’s certainly not going to make them available to the general population, which would completely undermine the argument (that availability of such equipment to the public would make remaining repressive “impossible”). I immediately thought of North Korea where this is the case with many kinds of equipment/technolgy (like the internet).
    C: Out of scope; and, company’s response made to proposals by SOME legislators. Could be 2 whackos out of 500.
    D: Is the stimulus arguing for telecom be the SOLE exemption? Here is a perfect example of the “too strong/strict” (and ultimately wrong) answer choice: of ALL; the MOST; etc. There is nothing to that effect in the stimulus—these dudes are just talking about their own industry and their own products, not making any comparison.
    E: Argument is not about what S will do but rather what telecom companies think of their products’ grounds for exemption.
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    @nicole.hopkins THANK YOU! I see it now!
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