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If you have an iPad, do you use it to study? What is your experience with it?

Auntie2020Auntie2020 Member
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Greetings people!

I purchased an iPad, and I am wondering what are people's experience with using it for their studies.

I thought it would be nice to work with during my BR and drilling. I am trying not to waste a ton of paper. Since the test day will require me to use paper, I will do my practice test with traditional paper and pencil.

Do you like it? Do you hate it? Pencil and paper all the way?

Thank you. I am just curious!


  • Granger DangerGranger Danger Alum Member
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    I have an ipad and really enjoy taking notes on it for thorough BR. I use Goodnotes 5 and it works well for me. All notes saved for further use and I can include and write on screenshots of questions in my notes. No need to hunt down notebooks from months ago to see my progress. I also save so much paper for foolproofing games multiple times.

    I've taken the August flex and going from writing on an ipad screen to pencil and paper was no big deal. I started using pencil and paper exclusively about two weeks before the test and I was fine.

  • Auntie2020Auntie2020 Member
    552 karma

    @"Princess Carolyn"

    I appreciate your response. An app I have been loving right now for my "wrong answer journal" is the Notion app! I have tables and notes for my progress, and it is nice to easily go back and see how I've been improving.

    I also didn't think of taking screenshots of questions for my notes. I am going to try that!

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    i don't have an ipad but i'd be happy to give you constructive feedback on it if you buy me one!
    jk lol
    happy studying!

  • gabryellasherman1998gabryellasherman1998 Alum Member
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    I've been using one for almost a year now! I use notability mainly! I take screenshots of questions I miss and I have a document dedicated as my WAJ. Also, when I complete a particularly difficult logic game, I make an answer key basically that I can refer to when I attempt the logic game at a later date. Just practice using paper and pencil every now and then and you should be good to go for test day, didn't really cause me any problems when I took the October Flex.

  • Auntie2020Auntie2020 Member
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    Okay if I could I would. Thanks for making me chuckle

  • Auntie2020Auntie2020 Member
    552 karma


    Thanks for sharing your experience! It’s good to hear that the iPad doesn’t really trip anyone up during actual test day.

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