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Question about fool proofing LG target times

Sailor Moon LSATSailor Moon LSAT Member
in Logic Games 200 karma

In foolproofing for LG (which I've just started) I've noticed that below the videos, there will be a target time. However, when I watch the videos, JY usually says a different target time. Which target time am I supposed to go by? The faster one? Also, does anyone know what determines the difference between these two times?

Example: PT 1 G1:Under 10 in video vs. 11:52
Example: PT 1 G2: Around 9 Minutes in video, vs. 11:04 (


  • RaphaelPRaphaelP Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    1095 karma

    The time JY mentions is usually him ballparking it based on his assessment of the difficulty of the game (or how long it took him to do it). The time listed as the "target time" is the average that it took 7Sage users (I believe 170+ scorers) to do it on a given test, their first time. All things being equal, probably shoot for the latter time

  • Determined_-1Determined_-1 Member
    919 karma

    I saw one of the 7 Sage employees comment to go by the time written below the game- apparently it is a new feature and it notes the time that high scorers who typically get -1 or -0 wrong take to complete that specific game.

  • hopefullinghopefulling Member
    edited November 2020 905 karma

    Also, as an FYI: be on the lookout that the recommended times on the bottom seem to be changing lately (???!). As I'm working through FP'ing, I wrote the recommended time to the side of my printed list and as I've gone through (and re-watched videos), some of the times increased a few by +4 minutes. ...

    So, I just manually put the times into my spreadsheet to re-print - not going to refer to the times on the game pages any more :wink: , to have consistency. Some of the games I had marked as NOT DONE I would have successfully completed if with the new recommended time. (But, never a bad thing to be faster ... just don't like having to spend more time on a task if I didn't NEED to). There are a small number of games without recommended times, but a time is probably in the video (and for most of those, I reverse-engineered the time from 35 minutes and that worked for all but 4 without time (same PT x2), for a general idea. And to just try to shave minutes off of those times, if possible.

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