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Diversity Statement as South Asian/Indian?? To write or not to write!

brameshbramesh Alum Member

Hi everyone!

I was planning on writing a diversity as I am an Indian/South Asian woman who grew up in a US community without many other asians. I'm going back and forth on writing it.

For context, my parents immigrated to the US and my sis and I were raised here. There is a lot I could write about in terms of culture and race and how it has contributed to who I am. But I wonder how adcom perceives diversity statements from Asians/South Asians?

I know they say write about diversity in any way you see fit, but I guess I'm hesitant to write something they won't appreciate regardless.

And of course, I believe that asian heritage is extremely unique, I'm just trying to think not only of my perspective, and to hear folks' thoughts.

To write, or not? And if so, any tips from folks who have written them?

Thanks everyone!


  • CardsnHogzCardsnHogz Alum Member
    168 karma

    Mid-30's white male here so you know, take that how you see fit.
    I actually worked with my friend on her diversity statement. She is born and raised, blue blood Oklahoman, born south asian.

    Much of her statement was about growing up in a place without any other south asians.
    And you have Indian culture in you too. I mean you may have two really unique perspectives.

    I'm not gonna lie. Two things you said in your post, kind of made my heart break
    These two sentences that you wrote, to me, is indicative and full proof why you SHOULD write one.

    You said:

    But I wonder how adcom perceives diversity statements from Asians/South Asians?
    but I guess I'm hesitant to write something they won't appreciate regardless.

    Those concerns you mentioned could make up the point of an entire diversity statement. You as a south asian/indian are as deserving as anyone to write about your culture and how it makes you unique. It almost seems you feel that the challenges you face or the uniqueness that you offer, won't be taken as legitimate as others in the realm of racial diversity. Even "hesitant to write something that they won't appreciate", "won't appreciate". Do you have concerns that just simply writing a statement of diversity could actually negatively impact your application?

    To me that's part of what efforts in cultural diversification are attempting to achieve. To destroy concerns and prejudices people have based not on character, but on race.

    Last thing, I like how you mentioned you have lots of positive things to include. If you do decide to write, I hope you include lots of that in addition to your challenges you've faced. Maybe somehow those things worked together and that could be the thread of the statement.

    Ok I'm done! Good luck. I'm sure you'll get lots of replies on here from people that can speak about things better than I can.

  • legallytiredlegallytired Member
    442 karma

    i agree with everything that @CardsnHogz said. i was in the same boat and hesitant to write as well as we are often seen as part of the 'overrepresented minorities' but at the end of the day that should not hold us back from writing about our experiences when we have dealt with things that have to do with our race and or culture. that definitely shapes ur character and having immigrant parents also teaches you a lot about hard work and struggle. you should definitely write it, i ultimately wrote my personal statement on this topic and i am happy with how it came out because its from my true and genuine experience. and i don't think any school would look at it negatively because they have defined diversity as extremely broad from race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, sexual orientation, physical handicaps, learning disabilities, and to unusual backgrounds, so really diversity is anything that you think is diverse about you and being bicultural definitely works

    good luck!

  • ishakumbarishakumbar Free Trial Member
    38 karma

    Hey! Fellow Indian applicant here! I wrote a diversity statement for my applications but did focus just on my ethnicity as a diversity factor. I explained how my ethnicity in the context of how I grew up and the other unique circumstances of my upbringing. I think it's all about how you frame it and being south Asian is definitely a diversity factor imo

  • lexxx745lexxx745 Alum Member Sage
    3190 karma

    Im Vietnamese and I wrote one. As long as you can talk about how your experience shaped your upbringing or perhaps tie it into you wanting to do law is important

  • 1952 karma

    i'd say definitely write it! i think you have a compelling story to tell how your diversity factors have shaped you. maybe this series of lessons can give you more insight:

  • kilgoretroutkilgoretrout Alum Member
    795 karma

    i'm middle eastern (technically considered "white" on american applications) and i wrote one. my heritage has really shaped why i want to pursue law and i know that bc of it, i can offer a unique perspective on things in my desired field! definitely write one if you want, but keep it sincere and don't force anything.

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