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Non native speakers of English out there, how long did it take you to get the score you want ?

mochachanmochachan Free Trial Member
in General 7 karma

Hi Non-native English speakers out there, many people don't realize my English is not my first language in everyday life but when it comes to LSAT, I definitely feel the "non-native" language comprehension problem. Especially under pressure, I can't read and understand the RC passage correctly and accurately... so it will be a slow journey for me to get a good score on LSAT.

Non-native English speakers, how long did it take you to achieve the score you want ?


  • ConstantineConstantine Member
    edited December 2020 1320 karma

    Probably there is a max of 1-2 points of difference for you because your level of English is so advance. I would say essentially no difference. If you study the proper way it takes you 5-6 months to get close to your potential, if you study on your mistakes - over a year. FYI nobody thinks that English is my first language :smile: And still usually I'm getting no more than -2 on RC.

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